Supporting Education for Tribal Children in the Hills of Bangladesh.


Our Mission

We are a Christian nonprofit, sharing God’s love and building a sustainable future through education for impoverished tribal children in Bangladesh. Since 2014, Children of the Hills (CoH) has come alongside the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches (BTABC) to bring schools to villages where churches are located. But there are still thousands without an education. With your partnership, we can transform lives.

Your investment in education will open the doors of opportunity for tribal children to pursue their full potential.

support children of the hills

Tribal families living in villages without a school, or where their school only goes to 3rd Grade, must send their children away for an education. The BTABC has established 9 Student Lodgings for these students, but most cannot afford the cost. Sponsor a child’s meals and lodging for just $22 per month.

Scarce economic opportunities and low government investment have made tribal Christians dependent on foreign aid for education. You can empower these families to fund their own schools through the Trees-for-Education program.

Tribal families have few opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, let alone pay for education. Your gifts supporting our vocational and income-generating programs will equip families with the means to secure a brighter future.

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