February 2023 Bangladesh Up-Front and Personal


Much has happened since the halting days of COVID. During the COVID-19 Pandemic days, schools across Bangladesh were closed, and teachers were often left without a salary. But our teachers were paid because you never stopped giving. You kept food on their tables – they are so grateful and thank you personally.

Schools Reopened in January

Children of the Hills Students studying books

In January 2023, our school year began and our 67 schools opened to 1,650 children. One of our teachers shared how her first-year students were happy to start school, but some looked like “laborers”, meaning their clothing was in tatters. Several teachers confided that about 10% of their students have just one piece of clothing per year, and another 10% are too hungry to learn. We know we’re working in a poverty-stricken area, but news like this saddens our hearts. Unfortunately, feeding and clothing so many children are not financially or culturally possible, where “all share one gift”.

Pray for Area Pastors and Evangelists

Faithful BTABC area pastors in Bangladesh often carry the Gospel into hostile regions. They also receive funds from CoH (3% of all outgoing contributions). Three tribal area pastors and 19 evangelists have shared their deep gratitude to you, our CoH donors, because your gifts have transformed their lives and work. After many years on very limited salaries, depending on the funds given to CoH, these men are now enjoying the stability of a “regular” salary, thanks to CoH and other funding sources.
They share how good it is to preach the Gospel when villagers are excited to hear the Word, and how challenging it can be when opposition arises. They try to get permission from the local chief, but this is not always successful. Sometimes village entry is denied, meetings are broken up by drunkenness or terrorists’ confrontations, homes are burned, baptisms are halted at gunpoint, or Christians are attacked. One evangelist told of a Christian man whose home was destroyed, and his legs were broken. The local church helped as much as possible, but now the man sits by the roadside, begging. Jesus warned us in Luke 14 that there will be a cost to follow Him, which is a difficult truth. But the wonderful news is that the door is still open.