Primary Schools and Student Lodging

Primary Schools

To date, the BTABC has established 67 Christian Primary schools and 11 Student Lodgings, serving 2,119 children. Currently, 66 of these schools offer K-3rd Grade and just one offers K-10th Grade. The Primary schools operate in small, widely dispersed rural villages which have no government school. CoH and the BTABC are working to establish more schools where none are available. We currently estimate there are more than 2,000 children living in villages which have a BTABC church, but no school is available.

Student Lodging

If a child wishes to advance above 3rd grade, they must typically move to a village which has a government school and live in BTABC Student Lodging. These Student Lodgings provide a safe and secure adult supervised Christian home for approximately 599 children as they attend school.  CoH is seeking to better the lives of these children by improving their food, providing recreation materials and increasing the number of caregivers, but we recognize that home is always the best option for a child.

Our goal of “Building a Sustainable Future” for tribal children requires a substantial investment for schools in desperate need of modernization, teaching materials, teacher training and staff. We believe every child deserves “excellence” as they learn and grow. We invite individuals, churches, school communities and other groups to support us in this vital program.  Give a gift to Primary Schools & Lodging.

Support Primary Schools & Student Lodging