June 2023 God Provides All Our Needs

Language Primers Breaking Barriers

God Provides All Our Needs

People from every tribe in the Hills are coming to Christ, but nowhere is that more evident than among the Mro tribe. This past Winter, a “chance” meeting with a Korean missionary led to our learning about a Bible-content Mro language primer. This primer will take an illiterate person from pronouncing letters to read scripture in their native Mro language!

Today, just 3 months after our introduction, the Mro language primer is being taught in 10 villages and 10 schools. We recently learned that another tribe (the Marma) is also asking that we begin teaching a primer in their villages.

God Uses CoH Donors to Meet Student Lodging Needs in Time for the Monsoons

Our student lodgings’ roofing and toilets were repaired two weeks before the monsoon rains began. God has given us over $15,000 for the repairs from many different sources. This week, it is raining every day. Three weeks ago, a typhoon heading directly towards our schools and student lodgings suddenly swung south before it hit land. Our schools were spared.

We now have 67 schools for 1,650 students and 11 student lodgings for 599 students, and there are still maintenance needs to ensure safe and secure facilities for our ever-expanding student body. But God, through your sensitivity to His leading, continues to bless and provide for His children, down to the smallest of needs. We get overwhelmed by the demands of life and fail in many ways, but God never forgets.