We see God’s Hand at Work

Primer Teaching in Mro Villages

Primer Teaching in Mro Villages

In our last blog, we related how we were teaching Mro children and adults how to read and write in their mother tongue. We just finished eight months of classes in 9 villages and tested 141 adults and 74 children. The results were outstanding, as 96 passed the reading test and 89 could write. The news is spreading that the Mro are reading and writing, and other folks want the same. Currently, there are Tripura, Mro, and Marma primers available for teaching. We’re hoping to expand primer classes into these three tribal languages and eventually utilize these primers in all 66 of our village schools.

Last year’s cost for teaching the primer in 9 villages was $4,333, which included eight months of extra pay for the teachers to teach adult evening classes, salary for a program supervisor, travel costs, classroom materials, and teacher training. This year, we’re praying for new funds so primer classes may continue and expand, allowing more to read God’s Word and grow in the Lord. 


A Visit from the Khumi Guardians

Khumi hostel Guardian

In 2022, the Bengali government built a small, brick hostel for the Khumi children to board in, while they attended a government school. CoH quickly began to support this hostel. A Khumi Christian couple who volunteered to care for the 38 children there were soon overwhelmed and asked for assistance. These children were sleeping, stacked like cordwood, in two small rooms. In November 2023, concerned parents (guardians) visited the hostel and requested an expansion so their children could have more room and allow the hostel to expand to 60 children. Each family offered $2.50 plus bamboo to add a second-floor brick extension to the hostel. Khumi Christians prayed, asking God to answer their request. 

Today, we have an example of God’s provision. One week after this Khumi request was received, an email arrived from the tribal education administrator, asking for $6,145 to build the second hostel floor and $4,545 to repair the Luleng girls’ deteriorating hostel. I assumed it would be a while before funds were received, as CoH did not have extra funds.   

Just two hours later, as I was leaving church, a man stopped me and inquired about our need for construction support. He said he’d like to help. Just one week later, we were given funds to cover both requests.  What a great reminder that our God “will supply our every need” and “can do immeasurably beyond all we could ask or imagine.” Philippians 4:19, Ephesians 3:20  

Construction has now begun. Many of the Khumi guardians are Buddhists, who worship a dead god. Now, they’ve heard the Khumi Christians pray and have seen the power of our living God. Next month, we expect these same people to send up to 60 students to live in this hostel and learn about Jesus. God is blessing the Khumi tribe! 

*Please pray with us, that God would provide the funding to enable us to expand the primer classes, support a Mro women’s ministry leader, start more Christian schools, and take good care of the children whom God has brought into our lives.